Surf Connect News & updates

Surf Connect News & updates

FORECAST: Sunday: Southerly below 10 knots tending northeasterly 10 to 15 knots in the middle of the day. Chance of storm. Monday: Variable below 10 knots becoming southeasterly 15 to 20 knots in the morning. Partly cloudy. 60% chance of showers. The chance of a thunderstorm. Tuesday: Southeasterly 15 to 20 knots decreasing to about 10 knots during the evening, but mostly sunny!

NEXT KITESURF INSTRUCTORS COURSE IS NOW ENROLLING! Next course 15th Jan 2024. Email for info pack.

NEW SEASON SALE NOW ON 'Be the first.....'! Season opening SALE on now + free upgrade on packages. Every package comes complete with everything you need to get in the water with. PLUS you get our on-going support, webcam access, rescue services, weekly and holiday trips…… AND you get to be part of our great Surf Connect family! So it is time to look at getting new gear for the season. We resell 8 top brands in the market. Visit our shop online or send us a message to arrange viewing.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please note our shop have moved to local warehouse, but school will still operate at the same location at Sandgate Beach, off Flinders Parade between 7th & 8th Avenue, offering lessons and rental 7 days a week whenever weather permits.  If you need anything from the shop, please call or order online and your order will be brought to Sandgate available for collection within half an hour provided we have the item in stock, or you can pick up from our Taigum office. You will be sent a 'Ready to Collect' notification on your mobile.  


Bookings: We have moved to fully automated system where you can choose and pay online for any rental or lessons in all our sports. All bookings must be paid in advance.

Shop: Open 7 days a week 'Click & Collect' service. Order online what you would like and your order will be available for collection at Sandgate within half an hour provided we have the item in stock. 

Phone lines: Shop landline and our mobile will become redundant as we move to a fully automated service. All the information should be on our website. If you cannot find what you need there, please email us at or send us a message if you have our text service number. 

Together we move into a new era of digital change, towards the Meta platform to serve and connect better for all our customers. 

MALDIVES & INDONESIA SAFARIS It is time to have a holiday again! Treat yourself to a dream holiday and let's find some good wind! Email us for an info pack!

WaveShark Demo:

Christmas shopping made easy! Visit our website for the Top 10 Christmas ideas you can get for your loved ones this year! 

EXCLUSIVE CLUB MEMBERSHIP & MAGIC TRIPS: Surf Connect customers who purchase full packages gain free membership to our Exclusive Club. Benefits include unlimited on-going support and assistance, free first-aid and rescue services, key storage, access to webcam and our Exclusive Club page, exclusive discounts and offers, we also have free weekly trips just for our customers where we take you to different places to explore and gain experience. In the holidays we have camping trips as well as overseas Safaris. That is the difference in becoming a Surf Connect customer.

QUEENSLAND TOURISM AWARD 2022: It is our pleasure to receive the 'Best of Queensland Experience 2022' Award. Credits for this recognition is to the entire Surf Connect work team and teamriders this last season - Gavin, Brian, Mark, Brendan, Jasmine, Alex, Matt T, Lauren, Chris, Neil, Patrick, Mel, Kane, Lewis, Josh, Sharon, Tracy, Clayton, Alana, Luke, Dylan B, Finn, Harrison, Manny, Jono, Dylan T,  Sharlene, Dieter, Terry, Matt B, Luca, Harry, Max & Jalen. Thank you team and look forward to a better season coming!

END OF SEASON SALE IS ON NOW! All stock to clear. Wings from $700! Message us what you are interested for a price we cannot advertise!

Reedin V3 launching 25th March! Come and view/test the latest range on the 25th, and also this is the best time to grab some  bargains on the V2 stock! 

Tsunami warning is in place (15/1/22): While evacuations are not necessary for our area, we are advised by the bureau to stay out of the water and move away from the immediate water's edge. All activities are cancelled until the warning comes down. More details: All lessons cancelled until warning is off. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing all our customers a great 2022 forth-coming. It is also time to treat yourself or your loved one on some Super Reedin gear this year. We will give you top dollars for your old kites/wings too! See us at our store or at the beach!

SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMS: 4 hours a day, multi-activities 8-12pm. $100 per child. Enrol here.  

CHRISTMAS TOP 10 GIFTS: Click here to see our Top 10 'For him' and 'For her' Gift list so you can choose the best gift for your loved ones this Christmas. No need to beat the crowd and yet a great and memorable gift. Merry Christmas everyone!

BLACK FRIDAY SALE IS ON! One day only, 25% off all stocked products on Reedin, Slingshot and Airush kites, wings, boards, bars, pumps......  

RACE IS CANCELLED THIS SUNDAY: With 70% chance of rain the race this Sunday is cancelled. 

DISCOVER WINDSURFING DAY! Come and have a go at Windsurfing! Sunday 21 Nov 2021 8-10am. You got some gear? Bring them all out and join in the fun too! Details:

IKO Kitesurf Instructor's course: Last chance to sign up. Enrolment closes 30th July. Details:

Calling all future Olympians! Come have a go at Windsurfing to see if you have what it takes to be our next Olympian! Event details: 

Water Police called again today (Monday 7/6/21): Stranded kiter spotted a km off Sandgate looking in distress..... kiter had since recovered and all good, but just a reminder to all Surf Connect patrons, please do check-in with us before heading out each time you come, so we know you are out there and will keep an eye on you. Also anytime you need advice, help with your gear, be it setting up, technical questions or assistance in launching/landing, we are at hand to help you. This is part of our on-going support and service as our customer, and our services are FREE for all Surf Connect patrons. We have a Surf Life Saving boat and jetski on standby 24/7. Padi has been here since 1997 and knows the area/conditions fairly well. If he says you should not go out, then you probably should not go out. Other than being a windsurf & kitesurf instructor and trainer, he is also ex-SLSA trainer and examiner so you should have no worries about safety as safety is always his number one priority. This is one BIG benefit as part of our lifetime on-going support and services. An on-site service very few other shops can provide. It is just not worth saving a few dollars buying else where or online, plus you are supporting your local shop too.

LET'S HIT THE SNOW THIS WINTER! Interested in Snow-Kiting? What about Snow-Winging? Surf Connect used to organise snow safaris every year before we started overseas Safaris, and since we cannot travel overseas this year, let's hit the snow down south again! And this time we will run SnowWinging lessons too! So whether you are a snowboarder, skier, snowkiter or wanting to try snowwinging, this is a perfect opportunity to join with a group of like minded enthusiasts and have great fun. Our safaris are known to be well organised with all travel, accommodation, meals, gear and most important of all - safety, all taken care of professionally! Interested parties PM for info pack!

OTHER'S DAY HALF PRICE SPECIAL! Give your Mum a loving memory to treasure and enjoy this year. We are offering 'One hour' Paddleboard or Windsurfing Lessons at half price. Simply select 'One Hour Private Lesson' on either 'Standup Paddleboarding' or 'Windsurfing' and enter Discount Code 'MOTHERSDAYHALFPRICE' to obtain the 50% discount! Vouchers are valid until December 2021.

FREE SAFETY CLINIC AND DUTY TEAMRIDER Some good old Samaritans have anonymously put the buoy back so we suggest everyone to use this for self launch/landing when no one is around. I will run two free clinics for all Surf Connect’s patrons on how to use this device as well as normal self launch/land drill today (Sunday 17th Jan) at 10.30am then again at 3pm if weather permits. All Surf Connect patrons are welcome to attend. Our Duty Teamrider will also be on duty between 1-5pm today (Sunday 17 Jan). With high tide at 12.26pm, please do seek his help for launching and landing. Some very important basics to keep in mind:

1/. Always check your lines and safety system each time you rig up, open up chicken loop to make sure no salt/sand is clogged up inside, and that it is opening easily, this will also give you a refresher how the punch out works

2/. Walk out to make sure you have at least 50m downwind 180 degrees and have kite pointing on the seaward side, you should NOT ever launch or land the kite off the grass area unless you are extremely competent as when things go wrong, you are straight in the trees,

3/. 3 things you need to check before you give the thumbs up (launcher should also check on these 3 points before you let go): 1/. Make sure you are at 3 or 9 o'clock position (canopy flapping), 2/. check you can see all 4 lines to make sure they are not tangled, 3/. downwind safety zone (or killzone) at least 50m all round 180 degrees are all clear of people, other kiters, objects so if someone unexpectedly happens, you are unlikely to cause injury to yourself and others, as well as your equipment. Check your safety leash is attached, and chicken-loop is securely in harness hook before you give the thumbs up.

Doesnt matter how experienced you are, mother nature sometimes do things we do not expect it to, or equipment failure... always expect the worst to happen, and if needed be, simply punch out, reset and go again. Play Safe and you have years of happy kiting!

COVID LOCKDOWN RESTRICTIONS OFF: Certain restrictions still in place. Mask in all indoor venuesm, outdoor - keep 1.5m distance at all times. See update info at:

Want to try the latest craze that's going to takeover kitefoiling? Wingfoiling is the latest sport that is going to dominate the world in the next year or two. It is easy, safe and fun! Book in a 2 hour session and experience it yourself! CLICK HERE to read more about it.  

KITING IN OFFSHORE WIND? For those ever think of heading out in offshore conditions please have a read on what happened today at Sandgate, because it could have been you. The Waterpolice was once again called, VMR was called, and we took our rescue jetski out too. Think of the resources you have wasted, the risk you have put us all in. It's no joke in those pretty big chops offshore westerlies 20kts+ winds. Good job too on local resident Scott who paddled out on his kayak. Very lucky by the time we got to the drifting kite (and it was a long long way out), I saw the safety system in full activation mode. So I told VMR team that in my professional opinion, the kiter has most likely activated the safety system on the kite and freed himself and got back to shore. Not long after, the wife called up the police and informed them the kiter has got back safely. She must have seen the boat and jetski out conducting the search. Now I would like you to imagine if it was you in that situation, what would you have done? I hope most of you would answer right away, that it wouldn't have been you, as you would never go out in such conditions. But lets role play and see if your safety knowledge is still up to scratch. What would you have done. When would you punch out? If you were the kiter today, would you have called up the coastguard or police right away, and let them know you are ok but your kite is floating out, as you know alarm bells will ring everywhere. When was the last time you checked your safety system? Did you tell someone you were going kiting? Did you assess the conditions/location before you go out? Do you remember your instructor told you in the very first lesson, that you should NEVER go out in offshore conditions? These guys were very lucky today, no one was hurt, no equipment was lost or damaged. But next time, they may not be as lucky. Please do not ever think of going out in offshore conditions. Understand your ability and limitations. Play safe. Thank you Scott and VMR team today. Thank you Surf Connect Instructor Dieter too for helping me launch the jetski. Great teamwork guys. Together we make the bay a safer place for all. Padi.

REEDIN has landed downunder! Surf Connect welcomes Reedin Kiteboarding on board as we take on the official appointment as Reedin's Australasian Importer and Distributor's position. This is 3 times World Champion Kevin Langeree's own brand partnering with one of most experienced kite designer in the market Damien Girardin. The SuperModel is one performance kite with extreme responsiveness and super smooth power. Whether you are looking to simply fly faster, get bigger air, freeride, freestyle or going strapless in the surf, this kite will excel to the best of your capability and beyond. Demos available now at our Brisbane base. Any shops, schools or instructors in the Australasian Region interested in becoming a team partner, email The kite redefines the next level of kiteboarding possibilities. See it in action here:


ARE YOU INSURED? Ever thought of what happened if you crash your kite and hurt someone or damage other people's property? Two years ago a local kiter smashed his kite and knocked a passing by jogger off her balance. She fell, broke her nose and fractured her ankle. So happened it was her brand new nose she broke. $100k law suit and guess what, the kiter was not insured. We have never seen that kiter again. Get insured today to cover your Recreational Liability, Equipment Damage, Accident Insurance, plus many more benefits such as videos, eCourses, eBooks and Gear Discounts too for only US$57 a year. Use our invite link to get covered today. It is not worth the risk. CLICK HERE TO GET COVERED RIGHT AWAY.

KITESURF INSTRUCTOR WANTED You do not need to be a qualified instructor at this stage as we have instructors training course running in September, but you must be a very competent rider (minimum IKO Level 4 and able to do a few tricks). Criteria: 1/ Must be IKO Qualified (you can complete training courses in September if you are not IKO as yet), 2/ Must be very fluent in English, 3/ Must be a very competent rider (IKO Level 4 minimum) plus able to do a few tricks, 4/ Must have basic Windsurfing skills also, and 5/ Must be allowed to or have visa to work in Australia. Application by email with CV to Pay rate: upto $55/hr depending on your qualifications/experience. 

LIQUID FORCE KITEBOARDING Today LF has finally announced a wind down on their kiteboarding division, but will continue in their wake, surf & foil development and production. All LF kite gear will continued to be serviced and warrantied through our channel, and we have already accrued all remaining LF stock and parts to continue to serve our existing customers. Many major kite brands are in discussions with Surf Connect right now, not only brands we already distribute such as Core, Airush, Slingshot, Flysurfer, Peter Lynn & BWS, but also a few other major brands in the market are also interested in partnering us. 12 instructors' contracts have already been renewed for next season with another 6 for windsurfing and 4 general staff. The future goes on, and 2021 season is looking extremely exciting. Now, which brand will become Surf Connect's new top partner?


SUP & Windsurf lessons are running as normal. but beginners kitesurf lessons are still cancelled but if you have your own equipment (or ready to purchase some from us), AND are able to launch/land without the instructor needing to hold onto your back, we can run one on one lessons. 

We at Surf Connect places the health and safety of all our patrons and staff at top priority. In line with Government and Queensland Health guidelines, we are closing our retail shop access (as from 23/3/20) until further notice.

Our business will remain open, and all outdoor activities upto 20 people and has the ability of 1.5m safety distance between patrons as well as staff will also remain operational. These include standup paddling, kayaking, windsurfing and advanced kitesurf lessons where the student does not require physical contact with the instructor. Radio/radio helmets will be offered to all to allow efficient and maximum safety learning environment. In this unknown time for all our staff, there will be no discounts offered in lessons or rental, all activities will be at normal standard pricing.

We offer free delivery for orders over $100 to any address in Brisbane. Please order online, by email or phone.

We apologise for the inconvenience but thank you for your understanding and continuous support to our business. Together we will get through this. Any questions, call 07-3137 0500.

(Update 18/3/20): We are however still COVID-19 Coronavirus spreading across Australia we would like to take a few moments to update you on the situation as it relates to Surf Connect. As you would know everything is very fluid and it could all be different again in the coming days, but we’ll update further if and when that happens. Firstly, whilst the risks of so called ‘catching the virus’ seem to be low when you are out on the water, the health of our customers and staff is of number one priority. As of immediate effect, we are implementing a few procedural changes to ensure we keep the risks to the minimum.


  • We are definitely open and welcome customer visits for purchases, rental as well as lessons. However please do not be offended as we won’t be shaking hands when you arrive and depart but we are following social distancing protocols as suggested by the health authorities and government. We will also need to limit the number of visitors to the Premises to one at a time.
  • If you are unwell or live with someone who may be infected, or in contact with anyone during their ‘self-isolation’ incubation period, we request you do not visit us at all.
  • If you prefer, we can also bring your purchase over the road to the beach to you. We also offer door to door delivery service. Payment can be processed over the phone or online to further reduce contact. Just give us a call prior to coming and we will have your order ready when you arrive.
  • All equipment will be disinfected prior to handing to participants. We also remind all participants of appropriate hygiene practices such as washing their hands with warm soapy water or antibacterial sanitiser gel before and after the class; and not sharing drink bottles.


  • We have placed on hold all international safaris this winter, in line with government suggestions.


  • We still have good stock levels of most items and we are bringing our ‘End of Season Sale’ early. All stock is on clearance prices so make good use of the opportunity and grab yourself a bargain whilst supporting our business. Send us a message or email to grab our sale price list.

We hope you are all in good health and remain that way! Let’s work together and continue to support each other through these difficult times. Thank you for your ongoing business, we really appreciate it! Regards, Padi, Owner.

Brisbane City Council Activity Programs ALL CANCELLED: Please take note that all BCC activity programs are cancelled until the end of June. All participants have been contacted for refund procedures.  

PLAY IT SAFE: SE strong winds is gusty and punchy. Please be absolutely sure you can confidently handle the conditions before heading out. It is simply not the case in using a smaller kite for the higher winds. Smaller kites manoeuvre quicker, thus things will go wrong even faster. Double check your setup before launching, and always give yourself at least double the line lengths with no one 180 downwind of you before you launch. Have kite on the water side at launch/land so when things go wrong, you are not going to crash towards the shore. Make sure your safety system is working efficiently and do not be afraid to punch out if you needed to. Things will go wrong very quickly so you got to be 110% sure in what you are doing. All SC patrons are welcomed to (and advised to) message us to check on conditions before heading up to Sandgate. As we come to the end of season, we will be going to other locations that may work better with the Autumn/Winter winds, and all SC patrons who flies kites purchased from us are most welcome to come with us free of charge. Any questions, come and see us. Play safe boys & girls!

SICK OF NO WIND? IT'S TIME TO CONSIDER COMING TO ONE OF OUR KITE SAFARIS THIS WINTER! Speak to any of the past participants, they will tell you it was the best decision they made, to cure their winter kite addiction!! Whether to the Maldives, Indonesia or the Cook Islands, riders of all standards, even total beginners or non-kiting partners/family members welcome. Watch our video to get an insight: 

TOP 10 KITE CAMPS IN THE WORLD! Woohoo, we are listed as one of the Top 10 Kitecamps the world by the Extreme Nomads!

DONT WANT TO GET WET? JOIN OUR BIKE TOUR NOW: Our bicycle tours starts from 1st June, runs every hour from 6am to 6pm every day Tuesdays to Sundays. BYO bike or rent one from us! Sign up on our Facebook page!

TOP 5 THINGS TO DO ON WATER? We have been listed as the top 5 things to do on water by the Courier Mail! Read it here.

LIQUID FORCE DEMO TRAILER IS IN BRISBANE THIS WEEK Come and Try the latest range including the Wow V4, NV9 and the most talked kite this year: the P1!

BRISBANE KITE & WINDFOIL RACING CLUB Pilot program day - 4th Nov 2018. Join a new community for racing and progression here in QLD. Discover a new High Performance Pathway in an exciting class. Learn better and enjoy a world class training environment. Details:

STICKER COMP IS ON AGAIN! Send us a pic with our sticker on your car to go in the draw for loads of prizes including harnesses, clothing and gadgets. Stickers are free and available at our shop or msg us your address we will send you some! Prize draw 16 Dec.

WANT THE BEST? LOOK NO FURTHER! Surf Connect introduces the best kite gear money can buy. Take a look at our Rolls Royce Kite Package. If you want the best, this is it!

FLYSURFER EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR Surf Connect has been nominated as the exclusive and sole distributor for the Flysurfer Racing range for season 2018/9.

WINDSURF BRAND OF THE YEAR Slingshot makes waves as 2018 AWSI Windsurfing Brand of the Year.. read more at:

IT'S TIME TO UPGRADE - 2019 GEAR IS IN STOCK NOW Another shipment has arrived. It's time to upgrade boys & girls! Bring your old gear in to get a top deal for some amazing 2019 gear! New kite? New bar? New harness? It's time to take your fun into another level!

ATTENTION!! As the wind returns for another season, everyone is super excited and often we forget about safety. This last week was a good example. We saw nearly everything that could go wrong went wrong. People launching without hooking in, didn't have the right position before giving thumbs up, kite crashing left right and centre. On Sunday a kite clipped another kiter on landing. Another kiter landed over 5 kites. PLEASE please please for your own safety and that of others, as well as for our sport, please take extra care and ask for help. Don’t be a hero. If the council sees this as a risk to the public, they will shut down our sport for the area. .

Safety recaps: Double check your lines. Always punch out to check your safety system at rig up. Always carry a hook knife, attach your safety leash to the front of harness.

Give yourself please of space to launch and land, use our dedicated launch and land area. Once you launched, get out to deep water. Once you land, move out the way. Look before you jump and NEVER jump within 100m of shoreline. Never fly your kite over people. Give yourself plenty of room. Respect Right Of Way. Help everyone for launching/landing. If you see someone doing the wrong thing, go up to advise.

If you need help or advice, we are around every day of the week except Mondays. Come to the shop to check in before you head out. Our duty instructor is on duty every weekend provided weather permits. It is a free service for all our customers. Play it safe and you will have years and years of happy kiting!!

WANT TO LEARN KITESURFING? We are running kitesurf instructors courses in the next two weeks and looking for a few students for the new instructors to practise upon. It's a great opportunity for anyone who wish to learn kitesurfing as they only have to pay a fraction of the normal cost. If you or know of anyone who may be interested, get them to contact us asap. Limited places per session. You just choose one day, except for Wed & Thurs you can enrol for both days to learn progressively if wished, but you can also just come for Wednesday or Thursday only. Available dates left are: Wed 19/9 10-3pm $100, Thurs 20/9 10-3pm $100. For the full day courses, there will be an hour's lunch break in between. Normal price of 2 hours is $200 so for $50 it's a great oppo to learn! All equipment is included, but criteria is that you must be of reasonable health, able to swim and have not tried kitesurfing before. Email or call us on 07-3137 0500 to book in! Please note non-refundable payment is required at the point of booking, but if weather prevents lesson to be held, you will be entitled for a refund. Our school is based in Brisbane, website:


The Airush Union V4 will be arriving at Surf Connect shortly for test drives as we take on Airush's Brisbane distribution exclusively once again. Come and try and be united with mother nature.


Come join in Kiteboarding Australia Expo today at Caloundra Golden Beach. Lots of giveaways! 12-4pm. All Surf Connect customers come and grab a free keyring!


So proud to announce that Surf Connect Watersports Centre has been nominated for the 2018 Queensland Tourism Award. We are proud in what we do, and our team of professional instructors and staff always strive to give our very best to make every single person who comes through our door.

Choosing The Right Coach Charter Company 

Here are some pointers on how to choose the right coach charter company - 


Come and join us in the celebration of another fantastic season. 2 course dinner & free drink. Limited tickets available and all tickets must be PRE-PURCHASED and by COB Friday 3rd August. No tickets at door as we have reserved an area exclusive to tickets holders only. Tickets and more details at: Updates 18th July: ONLY 3 tickets left, buy asap or you will miss out!

EOFY SALE successfully ended

Some last minute customers rushed in just in time, with a few telephone orders just made it before we closed at 5pm. Thank you for all those who continued to support Surf Connect and not buying from overseas or other retailers. Buying local not only keep local businesses like us going, but allow us to give back the hands-on support and back up service to you as our loyal customers, and together we build a stronger community together. Bring on 2019!  



Accredited IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) & Sailing Australia School Surf Connect is about to launch a 3 year development program in Brisbane for both wind & kitesurfing, focusing in particular the foil classes but will also include the current race classes.

The program will introduce a grass root program for any juniors keen to get into the sport, to weekly high level training/racing in all racing classes. Interested parties should email for more info.


As we come to the end of our season here in Brissy, it's time to book in for our winter escapes. This year we have two Safaris - July to Indonesia and August to the Cook Islands. Indonesia is suited for all level kiters including non-kiting partners and families too. 4 star resort, great range of food with lots of non-kiting activities for the non-kiting family members. Tuition also available. It is the best valued kite safari around. All rooms air-conditioned, TV, bar on pools, massage, lots of other things to do too. Cook Island is for the ultimate kitesurfers who wants to seek the ultimate place to kite. PM for info pack.


Next course: AITC August 2018 then AITC & ITC September. Email for more info.


Limited quantity, rrp $149, Easter SALE $99 if purchased at shop!


Sunday 17th Dec. Supping starts 8am, come in Santa costumes! If you need to hire a board, contact us to reserve one. Santa kiting starts 12pm, followed by BBQ & LF Demo. It's Christmas

LIQUID FORCE DEMO DAY Liquid Force demo day is on again this Sunday 17th Dec, 1-4pm. Come and try the latest range of kiteboarding equipment. There will be some great offers on too.


Saturday 14th Jan. 12-3pm. Come and try the full range of Core kites, including the one that holds the biggest jump world record at present! Strong wind warning in place. Demo Day cancelled.


Here at Surf Connect we strive to give you the best pricing and service. If you find a lower advertised price from any authorised distributor, not only will we match that price but also give you an extra 10% store credit to spend on any other non-discounted items at our store!


Christmas is only 4 weeks away! It's time to do your shopping. We have compiled our top 10 recommendations to help you choose an unforgettable gift for your loved ones to treasure for life. 

ATTENTION ALL! A collision occurred at Sandgate last week, where two kiters collided. One was a local kiter, the other a visitor. Fortunately there were no injuries, just torn kite and snapped lines. As we were not present at the incident, we are not here to say who was right who was wrong, but like to take this opportunity to hope everyone to think before they head out again, and that you should always give yourself plenty of room, from launching to riding. It is not how good you are, but just in case something goes wrong, whether its human error or equipment failure. Experienced riders can spot beginners from a mile away and should neve kite close to them, or lessons for the same token. You should also NOT kite close to shore, Not kite over people, and NOT jump in shallow water. You do not need to show off close to shore either, as you are not only endangering the people at shore, but risking our sport to be banned if an accident occur and public gets hurt. You are not showing off, but showing us your idiotic and irresponsible behaviour. Queensland Wildlife have also been last few weeks, warning any kiters kiting too close to shore disturbing any protected shorebirds will be handed out on the spot fines. We are in total support of them, as that will also make sure no one kites within 50m of the shoreline, not just for the birds, but for the safety of the public. Seriously, please take this as a wakeup call before you hurt yourself or someone else. The above behaviour is starting to be seen more and more frequently at Sandgate and it has to stop. As the season kicks into full swing, we are seeing more kiters than ever, and many new visitors too. Always help those in need, and give good advice for the newbies/visitors. Please practise and promote safe kiteboarding all the time.

'AWARENESS CAMPAIGN'  Be seen, Be safe and Be Supportive. Wear our Orange shirt to show your support to your local shop 'us', help others when you see they need help or doing something that may endanger themselves and others, play respectfully on water. Together we make Sandgate the best kiting beach in the world. Rashies and t-shirts will be on half price during our campaign. Get yours today!


Foil lessons available at Sandgate every Sunday when weather permits. You must be able to kite on a twintip competently. Instructor will drive boat out with foilboard, you will kite out on your twintip and meet him in deep water, where lesson will run. We have both Liquid Force and Slingshot foilboard setup on short masts for easiest and fastest learning, and also the world's first production twintip Ierofoil. Call us on 07-3137 0500 to enter the world of foilboarding. Lessons start from $125.


17' Party SUP for 6-8 person, Magic Carpet & the Caribbean Island now available for hire on an hourly to weekly basis. Visit our rental page for pricing.

JUNIORS SIGN ON DAY  11-1pm Sunday 17th Dec. Come and find out what kitesurfing is all about. Try our kite simulator and learn how to fly a kite. Meet some of the top ranked junior riders we have in Australia!

SEASON OPENING DINNER MEET UP  Saturday 30th Sept 7pm. Local Sandgate Restaurant. Ex-Sandgate Kite Club President Stefan is also visiting so he will be at the dinner. Email or call Padi for details. All welcome!

SUP ASI INSTRCUTOR COURSES Next courses: Oct 6-9, Nov 13-15, 24-27. Details on our courses page.

SURF CONNECT & SANDGATE KITE CLUB ANNUAL DINNER  Fantastic turnout and food was top! Pics at: 


Kids holiday Camp starts this Tuesday and runs every day Tuesdays to Friday in the holiday. 8-12pm, $50 per child per day. Activities include: Standup Paddling, Kayaking, Windsurfing and kitesurfing. Enrol: 07-3137 0500 or email 

LF DEMO (4th MARCH) Liquid Force demo day is on again this Saturday. Come and try the latest range of kiteboarding equipment. There will be some great offers on too.

CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY (SUN 5th MARCH) 11am Sandgate Beach. Bring Cap, sunnies, gloves and rubbish bag. Let's Clean Up Australia together! Free BBQ at 12pm for all participants.

Kiting commemoration of Dr William von Witt (THUR 9th FEB) To remember our beloved Doctor Will who passed in what was believed to a medical condition, we are holding a kiting session today (12pm start) to remember our loving memories of Will, who was always caring and helpful to others. Flowers welcome to be laid at the beach. RIP Dr Will.

LF SOLO V3 IS HERE! The ultimate light wind kite generation 3 has arrived! They will be out on water tomorrow. Come out with your harness and board to give it a go. 

ROAD TRIP IS ON TODAY (Monday 2nd Jan)!    All welcome! Surf Connect's customers flying LF/Slingshot kites join in for free. Duty instructor will be on duty to help eveyrone setup, launch/land. PM for details!

HAPPY 2017! FORECAST TODAY (1ST JAN 2017)  North to northeasterly 15 to 20 knots, reaching up to 25 knots in the southern bay in the late afternoon. High tide 11.29am, tons of jellies around, need long pants. We have the Titanium 1mm pants in stock, best for these jellies without getting cooked. Shop is closed but we can bring it out to you to the beach if you preorder online. Beginners should not go out before at least 2pm due to high tide.

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS!  Surf Connect and its entire team crew wish all our friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017! Have a great break too!

CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR OPENING HOURS    1-6 Jan 2017: Shop's closed but private lessons running on various days. Call to enquire. 7 Jan onwards: Normal opening days/hours as shown on website 

CHRISTMAS SALE IS ON NOW!  Buy any new products online between now and 31st Jan and receive 20% rebate gift card to spend at Surf Connect. Offer subject to availability, terms and conditions. Gift voucher excluded and items must be new and at rrp. No other discounts apply. For example, buy a Liquid Force NV 12m kite at $1969.95 and receive a gift card of $393.99 to spend on any products or services (including lessons) at Surf Connect at rrp. Click here for details.

KIDS HOLIDAY CAMP  Bored at home this holiday? Why not come and join in our kids holiday program? open to all 9-18 years old. Learn to Standup Paddleboard, Windsurfing as well as Kitesurfing! Runs daily from 3rd January. Daily program starts 8am ends 2pm. Message for details!

STRONG WIND WARNING FOR SUNDAY 18 DEC 2016 ALL LESSONS & DEMO CANCELLED  BOM has issued warning so it will be unsafe to run demo/lessons. Shop opens coming Monday for Christmas Shopping week! Check our webcam for instant conditions right here at Sandgate:

FREE KITE PACKAGE UPGRADE BEFORE 24TH DEC!! Pay for package 2 and get package 3 instead! Offer subject to availability and apply for all packages from 2 to 10, but only if purchased before this Christmas! Spoil yourself to a nice presi this year, you only live once!

GET 20% REBATE ON ALL PURCHASES BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Buy your loved ones the best Christmas gift from Surf Connect this year and receive a 20% rebate in gift card. For example, buy a GoPro camera for $299 and receive $60 in gift card with purchase. Available on purchases at standard retail pricing except gift vouchers. No other discounts apply.

LIQUID FORCE DEMO SUNDAY 18 DEC 12pm start. Sandgate. Sausages will be sizzling, wind will be blowing. Come and test drive the latest 2017 range of kites and boards.

2017 RIDE ENGINE HARNESSES ALL IN STOCK! Full range in stock including spreader bars. Treat yourself to the best harness in the market this Christmas.

GHOST SHIP SUP TOUR IS ON! Come and explore this mysterious ship that ran ashore Sandgate by SUP (Standup Paddleboarding). Tours run every day at high tide. Cost $30 per person including sup board hire. Call 07-3137 0500 to book. Pics:

KITE INSTRUCTORS COURSE  Next IKO AI AITC: 2016: 30/31 Dec, 2017: Feb 8-12, then Feb 13-17, ITC: Feb 20-24, Feb 27-Mar 3, 2017.

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IS ON! No need to headache what to buy your loved ones this year, from a $30 Gift Voucher, to Standup Paddleboards, we have helped made your shopping easy as. Simply browse our top Christmas Shopping Page and order online or at our shop. We are opened right up to Christmas and including 24th December. Page is under the shop menu. Have a great Christmas!

LF MISSION BARS ARE HERE! Come and get yours now. $699.


SLINGSHOT & RIDE ENGINE DEMO 30 OCT Come and try the full range of Slingshot kites, boards and Ride Engine harnesses! Demo starts 12pm at Sandgate.

LIQUID FORCE DEMO & SURF CONNECT CHRISTMAS PARTY   Sunday 18 Dec 12pm, Sandgate. Bring your Santa costumes as we will be also doing Santa kiting!

CHRISTMAS PARTY?   Book now for your Christmas Party or end of year breakups now! Standup Paddleboarding, Kayaking, Windsurfing and/or Kitesurfing. We can cater up to 60 people at the same time!

STRONG WIND WARNING IN PLACE (14 OCT) Strong wind warning in place still for today. All lessons and rental cancelled. South to southeasterly 20 to 25 knots, reaching up to 30 knots during the morning. Winds decreasing to 15 to 20 knots during the afternoon and to 10 to 15 knots late in the evening. Weekend looks good but. We have SUP DOGS, normal supping, windsurfing then Kitesurfing lined up. Going to be a full action day tomorrow! Come and join in the fun!!

2017 GEAR IS HERE! Liquid Force, Slingshot, Best, Mystic, Big Pumps all in stock now. Shop opens Monday too this week! Come and grab your new toys!

SUP SAVERS CARD AVAILABLE NOW! $100 for 10 One hour Standup Paddelboard rentals, save $200!

LOST PROPERTY Bike found at Arthur Davis Park. Contact Sandgate Police Station.

FORECAST SUNDAY 2 OCT  West to southwesterly below 10 knots tending northeasterly 10 to 15 knots in the middle of the day then tending northerly 15 to 20 knots in the evening. Also jellies around, need long pants. We have the Titanium 1mm pants in stock, best for these jellies without getting cooked. Normal stinger suit or wet suit does not block these stingers. Shop opens everyday except Mondays.  

FOILBOARD LESSONS STARTS SUNDAY 9 OCT! We will take you out on a boat and teach you in deep water. Short masts will be used at first for progressive learning. Call or email to book in. First class next Sunday!

LANDBUGGIES/CARTS (BLOKART) LESSONS AND RENTAL NOW AVAILABLE! Offshore wind or stay dry fun: lessons and rental now available at Surf Connect 7 days a week. Visit our 'Lessons & Rental' page for pricing.

DRONE FILMING As from 29th Sept 2016, Surf Connect will be offering drone filming to our customers. Cost is $100 for 20 minutes of raw footage. Anyone interested please email for bookings. 

ATTENTION!!  Now the season is starting and everyone is super excited and overwhelmed with the good wind. This last week we have seen everything there could go wrong went wrong - people launching without hooking in, didn't do up harness strap, crossed lines, self-launching goes wrong. THIS HAS TO STOP!

Kitesurfing is a very high risk sport, you know you could seriously hurt yourself, others, as well as get our sport banned. Please please please, double check your setup before launch, always try to get someone to help you launch rather than self-launch. It is not worth taking the risk! Always punch out your safety system at rig up, so 1/. to make sure no salt or sand are clogged up in it, and more importantly 2/. you have it fresh in your mind how to use the punch out system.

Check that your lines haven't stretched. You should always carry a hook knife, and attach your safety leash to the front of your harness, so you can reach it easily in case of an emergency. We sell short leashes, and hook knives at the shop, and we are around every day of the week except Mondays.

Read and follow the safety guidelines attached to the posts at the beach. Help everyone for launching/landing. If you see someone doing the wrong thing, go up to advise.

Never fly your kite over people or 50m to shore. Give yourself plenty of room. Look before you jump.

Our duty instructor is on duty every weekend provided weather permits. It is a free service for all our customers. Play it safe and you will have years and years of happy kiting!

REDCLIFFE KITEFEST 27/28 AUGUST Great weather this weekend to visit the Redcliffe Kitefest! We will be running free standup paddling at the event. Come and have some fun!

ROOM FOR RENT? Anyone in Sandgate has spare room to rent for our instructors coming to do short term courses (from over night to 4 nights courses), and maybe long term for the coming season? Has to be within walking distance to the beach thanks. PM if you do thanks!


NE seabreeze kicked in today. Brian and Padi kited for over 2.5 hours non stop. Is this the start of summer? Pics from today:

INDONESIA 2017 ARE SET Followed by another epic safari, our annual Indonesia Safari for 2017 have been set. Join us for 1 or 2 weeks, with lots more to do. Email for info pack! 

GREAT WEATHER FOR SUPPING! Unreal session this morning. Clearing all used boards $599 with a paddle. Shop open till 5pm today.


Here it is, the brand new Peter Lynn Skim! This kite is especially designed for your first steps into kitesurfing. The Skim is a 3-line trainer kite that can easily be relaunched even from the water making it perfectly suitable for those body dragging sessions to get used to controlling a kite while in the water. See the Peter Lynn website for more information.

The Skim comes in three sizes:

Size Colour Rec. retail price Skim 2.8 m² teal/orange A$290 Skim 3.4 m² teal/lime A$325 Skim 4.0 m² teal/red A$375

Pre-order yours now!

Surf Connect Annual Dinner 2016 To celebrate another great season, Surf Connect is hosting a dinner party at local Thai Restaurant Sandgate on Wednesday 6th July 2016. Everyone including partners and kids are welcome but tickets must be purchased in advanced as there will be no tickets on sale at the door. $25 per person for full buffet dinner. Call 07-3137 0500 or email to book.

Forecast this weekend (25/26 June 2016) Offshore wind all weekend, kiting not suitable at all at Sandgate. Go shopping instead, or even better, come shopping at our shop! Plenty of gear left all discounted in our EOFY clearance!

BRING ON 2017! Excited to find out what's new for the 2017 range at dealer meets here in Australia and around the world. It's all happening!

RED FLAG UP! WEATHER UPDATE (Sun 12 June)  Strong wind warning in place. Southerly 20-25kts, reaching 30kts at times. With high tide at 3.30pm. Unsafe to go out.

COME HELP PAINT THE SURF CONNECT'S HOUSE  Next weekend if weather permits, we will see a facelift on our house. If you wish to be part of this historic moment, email for details!


Many items half price. Come and visit!


Perfect conditions high tide in the morning, glass flat crystal clear water.... We have morning workout classes as early as 6am. Contact us for details!


Will everyone please have another read of our code of conduct posted at our rigging beach. There has been a complaint of a kitesurfer kiting too close to people/dogs/birds. Respect and common sense please. We do not want to endanger anyone, let alone our sport thanks. Rig/launch/kite always with a 50m buffer zone thanks.


Top of the range fully waterproof supports now available at Surf Connect.

VESTS SALE now on. All 30% off

Buoyancy vests SALE on now - all stocked items 30% off! Come and grab a bargain. We have the latest wake & kite vests. Plus 2 free mags with any purchase.

Candlelight vigil for Dr William Von Witt

Many of you may have heard, we lost a great friend at sea this week. Doctor William Von Witt has been a regular kiter at Sandgate for over two years. Will worked as a medical doctor at the PA hospital, an enthusiastic musician, and a keen surfer before he took up kitesurfing. Everyone remembers Will as a kind and caring friend whom will be dearly missed.

Cause of drowning is still unknown, coroner's initial report shows no physical injury, and his kite equipment was fully intact when he was found.

We will be holding a minute silence on Saturday 13th Feb 12.15pm at Sandgate beach, and on Sunday 1pm, we will be holding a candlelight vigil followed by a kite session with flowers to the sea to complete Will's last kite session for him.

Donations are open now and will go to Will's family or their chosen charity. All profits from Surf Connect this week will also be donated to the fund.

Will's funeral is scheduled for 11am, 17th Feb, at Mount Gravatt Cemetery.

Will's parents have asked us to pass on their sincere appreciation on everyone who helped in the rescue. RIP Doctor Von Witt.

Forecast today (Tues 9th Feb):

Strong wind warning in place. South to southeasterly 15 to 25 knots, reaching up to 30 knots during the afternoon and evening. All lessons and rental cancelled.

Slingshot Demo this Sunday (14th Feb 12-3pm)   Come and try the latest range of kites and boards including the most comfortable harness in the market - the Ride harness.

Clean Up Australia Day Come and help make a better country. Bring gloves, cap and sunnies. 11am Sunday 6th March. Sandgate Beach.

Australia Day Kiting   Come join us in our annual event -

Ride harness in stock!   Best present you can get for your back! Padi says it is the best ever, comfy and most supported harness he has tried in his 20 years of watersports experience. 

School holdiay program for windsurfing and kitesurfing is on now!   Small classes (3 per instructor) 10-4pm $100 per child. New class starts as soon as we have 3 enrolled. All aged 9-17 welcome.

Free lessons with kite packages are back!   4 hours worth of one on one individual lessons will come with ALL kite packages, new and used. Used packages start from $1200. Great Christmas present incentive!

2016 Liquid Force Solo V2 Review Read all about it at:    

Who wants 2016 gear? All brands in stock now - Liquid Force, Slingshot, Best, Core, Flysurfer. Get 4 hours of free lessons with any new packages. We can help you improve at whatever level you are at now!

Viva Surf Connect Indonesia Safari 2016! Following last three years of absolute success and fun had by all, this year we are heading to Indonesia once again in 2016. Tour departs 3rd July 2016. Email for an info pack now.

Foil training day with boat support Anyone interested PM us to book in a time!

Woo height jumping measure gadget is here! A$299. In store now. Come and get one!

Investment/Franchise opportunity Investment/partnership opportunity with well-established profitable business with 8 years of very positive records. Sustainable income/wages. Additional major brands on board this coming season, location right on water. Great potential and best time ever to get involved. Suits single person or couple. 'Live-in' premises at shop. Last 4 years turning over about $1m mark each year, with good net profit and director wages. Brisbane base available for sale or franchisee, or come in as investor/partners. New branches on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Sydney area also available. Follow our winning formula and live the life of your dream! All training provided. PM for details.

Slingshot & BEST Kiteboarding on board Surf Connect Surf Connect officially welcomes Slingshot and BEST Kiteboarding on board for 2016! Kites, Boards, Surfboards & SUPs will all be available at our store. Drop in to demo any day! and

Kiteboarding Australia Membership & Insurance Proud to announce Surf Connect is now affiliated to the Kiteboarding Australia Association's School & Retailer Affiliate Program. PM for membership form and insurance details. can join immediate at our shop, or online. Use affiliation code 'TZN3T6N9' when joining online.

Want to learn Kitesurfing for free? Have you seen them on water and always wondered how easy or difficult it is to do it? This is the chance! You will be introduced to the sport, safety, equipment, and a flying session on the trainer kite. At the end of the session, if you want to get into the sport further, you will be offered 20% off lessons. Best way to try, best way to get into the sport too. Learn with the best - learn with Brisbane's only Accredited Kitesurfing School. No need to buy vouchers, and it is totally no obligation to take it further. No gimmicks to get you to rent a trainer kite after either! Simple and get right into it! Lessons run Tuesdays to Sundays! Enquiries: email or call 07-3137 0500.

Free help every weekend for all our customers! Whether you need help setting up, launching, or tips to ride or to do tricks, our duty instructor will be here at Sandgate, waiting to lend you a hand, every weekend, provided weather permits. Just make sure you wear our bright orange Surf Connect rashie, and as long as you fly a Liquid Force or BWS kite, help & tips are FREE! If you dont have our new rashie yet, grab one from the shop! It's free and comes with a few car stickers too  Our duty instructor will be in a bright floro vest with the words 'DUTY INSTRUCTOR' on his shirt. Just go up and ask for whatever help you need. Dont forget our free BBQ every Saturday and Sunday too, 12nn. It is for all our Surf Connect friends and customers. We bring you services no other shops provides.

Race Regatta starts again this season First Sunday every month between September and April there will be a Race Regatta. Sign on at Sandgate Beach 12nn.

Our new Facebook page - please 'like it'! We have moved our facebook account to a new location. Please 'like' it to be kept informed of our latest activities and offers.

Lost property Thanks to the honesty of people who hands in goods left behind, in the past we have always offered to give these goods to the finder if not claimed after one month. A finder yesterday said just sell it and donate to charity. What a great idea! From now on, anything not claimed after one month will be sold off and funds donated to charity, with the finder's name posted as donator.

Kiteboarding in the next Youth Olympics!

Restube on sale at Surf Connect now A must for all water users - lifesaver!

IKO Instructor's Courses starts August 2015 Want to live the life? This is the time to plan! AI courses start from August, main instructors course from October. PM for info pack.

Lessons discount ends 31st May! The discount program will end, so buy asap or you will lose out on what you spent on lessons!

Our latest drone teaser ad

Winter toys on SALE now! BIC Trinidad Kayaks 2.5 seater $699 with seat support and paddles, Long boards with Big Stick for Land Supping - $299, Epic Electric Skateboard that runs on the beach goes over stairs, or what about the latest Caseboard that folds up like a briefcase? Or beach buggy or mountain board to use with windsurf sail or kite? All in store and on specials. Come and try today! Who says winter is boring?

The lightest boardbag now in stock! Weighing just 1.8kg without wheels (or 2.8kg with detachable wheels), the Mystic Elevate 160 board bag will fit a Litewave 161 + another standard size kiteboard, 2 kites, bar & lines, harness, pump and there is still room for personal belongings. If you need a bigger one, there is a 2m version too. Available at our shop or online. rrp $299.   Cableski Park Session starts again in September. Pics from previous sessions:

Team Media Look at page 5.

Latest SUP DVD is out - Living the stoke Grab it from our shop or online: $24.99.

Another great product on board: waterproof smartphone cases only $29.99. Available from our shop now.!home/mainPage

Another proud story on our customer service A customer came in today, had lessons with us last year and bought complete package in December 2014. 3 months after came back and said the kite is too small and doesn't suit her needs, so we swapped for a newer and bigger kite at no additional cost. Now came back and said a refund is preferred. No questions asked full refund was granted. Is that good service or what?At Surf Connect we are determined to serve our customers as elite and exclusive clients and give them service no other shops can give. With support every day here at Sandgate, to on-going free duty instructors every weekend, free BBQ and so on, whether you need help or advise from beginner's skills or onto tricks, we are here to help you enjoy kitesurfing to the max.

Last week a customer crashed his kite into the rock wall and split it in half, we loaned him a kite right away and he continued kiting. By the time he finished the session, his kite was already repaired. Another kiter bought a kite elsewhere snapped a line and had to pack up and go home. His day was spoilt and left disappointed. This is the service no other shops can provide.

Older posts:

Want to become a Standup Paddleboard Instructor? Award is recognised worldwide and enables you to teach certificated courses on your own. Next course will be held at Sandgate on the following possible dates:Tue 7th - Thur 9th April 2015  Mon 13 - Wed 15th April 2015 Cost: $770 includes Surf Rescue Certificate and all shadowing hours will be completed within the 3 days. PM for info. The is the first course held in Brisbane so don't miss the boat!

2015 Australia Kiteboard National Championships Well done Surf Connect Team in this year's Nationals - Manny Blanch National Junior Champion! Kye Evans Runners-up, Jonathan Blanch 4th, and Luca Kortyka did exceptionally well in his first ever nationals. Well done team. Surf Connect and Liquid Force are so proud of you guys!!!!! Read more:

Valentine's specials - bring your loved one for FREE!

Don't tell too many, people, but FOILS ARE HERE!!!!!! And guess what, the new bars too!

Who wants to be a TV star? The TV program "Bachelor" approached us as they are in search for their next star. You need to be a single male, aged between 25 and 38, tall (6 foot plus), employed, good looking, enjoys sports / outdoors, looking for a relationship / love, Australian, no tattoos. Preference is for lighter coloured hair (blonde, dark blonde). Kitesurfer was the reason why they came to us, but I don't think it is a requirement. PM us for contact.

Liquid Force Demo weekend The annual Christmas Surf Connect's Liquid Force Demo event is on this weekend - 6 & 7th December 2014. Location: Sandgate Beach, Brisbane. Come and see the finest range Liquid Force ever produced. Free BBQ at 12pm both days. Lots of other prizes to give away too! Don't miss it!

The new generation Ultimate 2015 Light Wind board is here! $699 KICK-S Freestyle twin with straps, pads and fins 135, 139, 144  $999 Wing Lite Wind with straps, pads and fins 155, 165  $1299 CarbonWING with straps, pads and fins 155, 165...  $969 DV8-G2 Freeride/Surf with straps, pads and fins 5'7", 6'1" There are also some 2014 runouts twintips as well as surfboards at 50% off!

Congrats to Surf Connect team at Kitejam 2014! Congrats Manny in winning the Creative Award, Kye came second in the Juniors Division. Well done to everyone in the team - Kye Evans, Matt Trotter, Manny & Jonathan Blanch. You all done Surf Connect and Liquid Force proud.

Why learn from Surf Connect? by Principle Padi Kotwall Thanks for your interest in taking lessons with us Mr Smith. We have over 20 instructors at our school, and is still the only accredited school in Brisbane. All our instructors are fully qualified IKO accredited instructors, and majority are local guys and girls. No foreign teachers who cant speak proper English! If you want to learn with the Pros, look no further! Not just kitesurfing, but windsurfing, standup paddling, kayaking and wakeboarding.... lessons, sales, repairs, you name it, we have it. We are proud in what we do, we take pride in our services.

But it is not just lessons you should focus on. Our service to our customers go well beyond that. Support after lessons is extremely important and valuable. Kitesurfing is an extreme sport, and much attention needs to be paid in safety aspects. Most shops would not care or provide more assistance after you made purchase. With us, our service does not stop after you had the lessons or purchased equipment. We have duty instructors at the beach every weekend to help you not only with any questions you have, or on setup, launching or landing, but to anything you would like to learn. Not just the basics, but to keep you improving even past the beginner's stage. And if your equipment needs to come in for service or repair, we will loan you a kite free of charge so you never have any down time. We ask our students to come and say hi to us every time you come kiting. All our instructors are on radio contact, and we keep an eye on everyone who comes to kite at Sandgate.We are right at the beach so everytime you come, we are here to help you with whatever you need, every day of the week. Our shop has everything you need for the sport, plus lots more. Our services are unique and no other kiteshops can offer you. We are located right on the beach, and our beach here has showers, toilets, cafes, shops, and can easily be reached by public transport. I think in fact it's the only beach that you can get to by public transport in a direct ride from Brisbane City! Sandgate beach is also the safest of any beach in the entire Brisbane - all sand bottom, no rocks, shallow, no current. It is the ideal learning environment. We will challenge a better location, and better setup/support beach than Surf Connect anywhere in Brisbane.Our packages start from $1200. We have over 100 used kites and plenty of new gear in stock. We run lessons every day other than Mondays, including Saturday and Sunday. Mondays we do not close. We invite all our customers, students and friends to come with us to the coast. We go hunt for wind and kite somewhere else other than Sandgate. And many recent lucky students even had drone and GoPro footage of their lessons. What better can you ask for?

G20: things to do at Sandgate As the Lord Mayor says, come to Sandgate and watch the kitesurfers and standup paddlers during the G20 weekend, we say why not join in and have some fun? Standup Paddleboards $10 per hour, Wind or kitesurfing come and try for $20! Email to book! Available Friday to Sunday 14-16 November 2014.

Surf Connect Monthly Cable Park trips - last Saturday every month in the season! Whether you are already riding or wanting to improve your board riding skills, join us for a fun session at Bli Bli Cable Park on the Sunshine Coast, last Saturday every month from September to April, 8-10am. Cost: $25 (normal price $50). Bookings required, Email or call 07-3137 0500.

IKO Master Clinic The Kiteboard Master Clinic is developed to improve on a wide range of kiteboarding aspects with the freedom to explore the available knowledge from various angles with a pragmatic approach. The riding can be improved on various aspects: freeride, freestyle and wave riding. Read more at

Junior Development Program: Zero to Hero Windsurfing & Kitesurfing! Are you or your kids btn 9-19 and want to learn wind or kitesurfing? This is the best opportunity! Kids holiday program second week of school holiday everyday $100 per day (normal price $500 per day!). They will learn everything they need from the very beginning. Starts 11am ends 4pm every day at Sandgate. Email to enrol.Program proudly sponsored by Liquid Force & Bic windsurfing.   Our latest drone teaser ad

Elliott Heads Safari - 30/31 August 2014 Come join us for a fun weekend windsurfing & kiting. We will be camping at Elliott Heads Camping Grounds. All Surf Connect customers welcome! PM for details.

Safety Session at Sandgate: Sunday 3rd August 2014 As so many have started kiting already, we will take an early start too. Tomorrow (Sunday 3rd August 2014) 12noon we will run a safety seminar to help refresh all the vitals we need to be constantly aware of in kitesurfing. From location assessment, setup, launching/landing, onto self-rescue. If you have any questions about your gear setup, our instructors will also be at hand to help, to go over your gear, and answer any questions you have. Meet at Sandgate beach 12noon. Get your wetsuit on before 12noon as we will be going in the water showing you how to do a deep water pack-down self-rescue. Free for all Surf Connect customers who fly Liquid Force and BWS kites, $50 for all others.

Top Wakeboard/Cablepark DVD 'The Debut' is out! Buy it our shop or our ebay store: $49.99.

We have beeen voted Top 10 things to do in Brisbane by Queensland Tourism!

Olympics 2020 Kiteboarding not quite in it for good yet, but next in line to get in. Twintips is on the table too! Dont miss our next race day at Sandgate! Want to become a Kiteboard Instructor? For leisure, part time work (we pay $40 an hour!) or a change of career? IKO is recognised around the world, and you just need be a competent kiter for a minimum of 12 months. Course is a 5 days course, and the next course is set to run 10-14 February 2014.

Stickers Comp is ON again! Come and grab a FREE sticker from our shop or at the beach anytime, patch it on your car, take a pic and send it to us. Every month we will choose a winner and give away lots of good prices! First prize this month will be your choice of either a $200 lesson voucher for wind or kitesurfing, 5 two hour SUP vouchers worth $200, or a trainer kite also worth $200. You choose what you would like as your prize! Ay, no good turning up at a beach with another shop's sticker on your car, support your local shop!

BIG AIR COMP Brisbane Sign on: 12noon Sunday 15 December. Sandgate Beach. Judge: Ben Wilson.

Free Instruction Day with the legend Ben Wilson! Sunday 15 December. Sandgate Beach. 12noon sign on.

Wellness Expo is on! Surf Connect will be at Chermside branch 16-18 Sept. Come for a free workout!

Visit us at the Brisbane Boat Show Grab a 20% discount card from our stall (545) at the Brisbane Boat Show this weekend. We are 2 stalls next to Cunningham Marines. Opens 10am Friday to Monday, RNA Showgrounds.   Next kite clinic Sunday 15th then 22nd Sept Anyone, any standard - groms, girls or guys, whatever you wanna learn, from basics to S-bends! $50 if you ride Liquid Force or Ben Wilson kites, $75 for all others. 3 hours of tuition. Briefing 12nn. Email You must have your own kite.   Keep up to date to our updates by liking our page on Facebook or at our website: