Wing Foil Lesson

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Registration process: Once payment is made, please have a read on our booking terms and conditions on our website (link:, then complete the registration/indemnity form online. Note booking is not confirmed until your form is received and acknowledged. Form link:

Additional participants/group lessons: If you have a friend or family who would like to join in and take the lesson together, it will only cost $100 extra per person. Please make additional payment by clicking here. Note we do not offer group lessons for people who doesnt know each other. Also group lessons share one set of equipment. Please put in the notes column of your chosen lesson date/time, your name as well as the other person's name when making payment for additional participants. Every participant must also complete the form, unless if they are under 18, then the parents need to complete the form on their behalf. 

Refunds/cancellations: As we are coming to the end of our season, wind is not as much as we would like. If on the day of your lesson and there is not enough wind to conduct your wingfoil lesson, you may opt to take a windsurf or a paddleboard lesson instead, subject to availability. Prices are the same so you would not have to pay any extra amount. You may also wish to cancel your booking and opt for a refund. 

Lessons format:

One on One Lessons  - one hour: Private individual lesson, equipment included. You will learn the skills of winging on a SUP board, gearing you ready for your next lesson which will be on a foil board. 

One on One Lessons  - two hours: Private individual lessonequipment included. You will learn the skills of WingFoiling from flying a Wing to riding a Foil board. 

Date/Time of lessons

All wing lessons are run in the morning for nice and calm conditions so you can focus on the techniques required to master the skills of windsurfing. 

Please choose the correct date/time you wish to have your lesson, and by 5pm the day before latest. Any wrong choice of dates (past dates or after 5pm) will only result in refund of lesson fee but not Shopify's 2% fees. Note pubic holiday attracts 15% surcharge and cannot be used as discount for gear purchase. 


Payment does not secure time slot, in case we have external agents booked in the same time slot just before you. Please await for booking confirmation by email or text. If this is your first lesson with us, please complete our registration form within 24 hours of payment, so we can prepare the right size equipment for your lesson. Any other questions you may have please email 


All basic equipment is included in the price, but there are optional chargeable items (such as wetsuits, booties) if you require them. You would not normally need wetsuits in the summer months, and most people go bare foot although we recommend them for your own safety. Rental rates for these accessories can be found under the 'Rental' page. Our shop (Orange house over the road) also sell all items from caps, sunnies, sun cream, rash shirts, boardies, wetsuits to booties. 

What to wear?

Wear clothes you can get in the water with, such as long sleeve shirt like a rashie, also bring a cap, sunnies and sun cream.  

Where to meet?

Meet at our van or our beach setup at Sandgate. Our van is normally parked over the road at 162 Flinders Parade, Sandgate, or our beach gazebo setup on the beach behind where we park our van. 

Changing date/time of booking

You are welcome to amend your booking provided 48 hours notice is given. We are not able to amend any bookings under 48 hours as instructors/staff will still be paid. No show will also void your payment. In the event that you are not able to attend due to medical reasons, rescheduling will be allowed provided you inform us before your booked in time, and you are able to provide a Doctor's note stating the participant is not fit to participate at the time of your booking. A $50 rebooking fee will be charged in such circumstance. 

Weather conditions

Our activities are totally weather dependent, please be prepared for this to happen and not be disappointed. If weather permits, alternative activities of the same value will be offered. If a refund is preferred, that can also be arranged but note there is an admin fee of 25% for the process as most of our booking agents charged us 25% commission fee for your booking.  

Fitness, Health and ability to swim

All participants must also be able to swim competently unaided and of good reasonable health with no injuries that may affect the safety in the participation. One must also be able to fit into our safety equipment. Any participants under the influence of alcohol and drugs will be asked to leave immediately. No refund will be offered for anyone turning up to be deemed unfit to participate. If you are not sure if you can fit into our safety equipment, please make a prior appointment for fitting before making payment. Our largest vests are XXXL and harnesses go upto 40". 

Indemnity, Refund and Insurance Policies

Please read the indemnity declaration (imprinted on our website), and that by making payment for this booking, you (and any other person you are making payment on behalf of), agree and accept such conditions.

Note Surf Connect is only the booking agent for your activity. Session are conducted by our approved contractors.

Our refund policy can also be found on our website.

You are also advised to check with your own insurance company to see if your policy covers the activities you are participating in, as our public liability cover does not cover your personal injuries arise from the participation of our activities. 


Sandgate Beach is located on the northside of Brisbane, about 15 minutes drive from Brisbane Airport. It is only a short walk from Sandgate train station direct from Brisbane City Central Station (30 minutes ride). It is all free parking at the beach front here. Our school/shop is located right on the beach, with toilets and showers at the beach. There are also a number of cafes along the beachfront here, and Sandgate has all major shops, supermarkets, chemists, cafes, restaurants and banks all within a few minutes walk.

Airport and hotel pick up service is also available. Accommodation can also be arranged. Make it a holiday to Brisbane, fly to us and have the lessons, buy the gear and take home. It will still be a lot cheaper than many shops!

Last but not least, please have a read on the activities description/lesson format so you have a full and clear understanding of what is offered. If you have questions, call (07-3137 0500) or email us ( anytime.