Wingfoiling is the latest sport that is going to dominate the world in the next year or two. It is easy, safe and fun!

Our lessons are divided into two parts:

Part A: Learn to fly the wing on land then on a paddleboard. Most people should master this part within the first hour.

Part B: Learn to get on the foilboard. You will shown step by step how to get on the foil and ho to start riding. 

Part A & B should be completed within two hours. We anticipate most people would be competent with a second two hour lesson and then they should be ready to buy some gear to go out and hav fun. Surf Connect sells a full range of Wingfoil equipment and you can claim back what you spent on the first 2 hours as discount towards any of our wing packages.

It is as simple as that, much easier than kitefoiling or windsurf-foiling! What are you waiting for? Book in a lesson now by clicking here!


WingFoil Lesson Plan (2 hours) 

  1. Introduction to equipment
  2. Location and weather
  3. Safety
  4. How it Works
  5. Signals
  6. Rules & Right of Way
  7. Land drill 1 - Setup and flying the wing on land. Getting on the board.
  8. Water session 1 - SUP Board Handling Wing Handling, Riding, Turning
  9. Water session 2 - Foil Board Handling Wing Handling, Riding, Turning

WingFoil Lesson Evaluation/Certification Card