Flysurfer Airstyle Pro Kiteboard Handle

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Airstyle handle with an insert distance of 19mm-20mm and a height of 10cm.

Perfect for Airstyle or for beginners having trouble getting their board on. 

Airstyle is a discipline that is coming back in the form of big air.  You this higher handle to do board off tricks that looks super stylish in the air! 

The style comes with height, hangtime, body tension, positions. The aim is not to land a trick, but to land a trick making it as stylish as possible. And to combine different elements.

Here are some amazing tricks inspired by videos from Toby Braeuer and Lukash Vogeltanz.  Check out the attached video!

- Transitions ticks 

- Grabs 

- One Foots 

- Boardoffs

- Flips 

- Spins 

- Throws 

- Kick Flips

- Behind the back passes

- Jesus Walks 

- Beach Starts 

- Beach Landings


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