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The bar spar is colour-coded left/right and front/rear and easy to distinguish.

The low-weight control bar weighs 0.84 kg (incl. flying lines) and has a tether for a brake line. The flying lines have a total length of 21 m and are equipped with 14 m + 7 m extension from the control bar towards the kite. The front lines can be manually untwisted via a swivel above the SIMPLE Quick Release. The release distance is 3 m and is adapted to the PEAK as well as VIRON product lines. All other kites in the FLYSURFER portfolio require a longer release distance in order to be able to flag out completely. The CONNECT2 Control Bar can be converted to the 5-line B-Safe system, which horizontally collapses the kite before it sinks to the ground without pressure. The length of the depower-way is 45 cm and the length of the adjuster-way is 20 cm.

The floaters can be removed as an option, and the steering leader lines underneath have a knot ladder for extending the steering lines.


  • B-safe system ready
  • 4-lines control bar
  • Lightweight

Size: [M] 50cm

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