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GoPro Hero Session

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Three years ago GoPro started work on a new project to answer one question: If a rival were creating a "GoPro killer," what would it be?


The result is the all-new Hero4 Session -- the smallest, lightest and most rugged GoPro video camera to date.

The new model fleshes out GoPro's current product portfolio to five models as the company attempts to further dominate the market for POV (point-of-view) cameras -- also known as "action cams" -- which are increasingly used to capture video from the likes of surfers, skydivers, snowboarders, cyclists and even drones in the most extreme situations.

The Session has a new cube-shaped form factor that distinguishes it from its earlier, more rectangular GoPro siblings such as the Hero4 Silver and Black. It's also 40 percent lighter than those models -- 2.6 ounces (74g) compared with 5.2 ounces (147g) -- and that square shape, included mounting frames and quick-release buckles let you rotate the camera so it's right-side up and lower profile, something that's not easily done with other GoPro cameras.