Liquid Force 2020 Hifi X3 Kite

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Hifi-X v3


The long anticipated and awaited time has come for the next generation of the HIFI. Since 2015 countless prototypes, endless testing, and novels of feedback has been poured into the development process of the HIFI X3. The challenge to improve what is touted as one of the best pure C kites in the competitive and purist freestyle world was a daunting task.

Sizes : 7 – 8 – 9 – 11 – 13


The achievements gained in the HIFI X3 will be the new benchmark in the pure C shape kites. Small modifications lead to massive refinements and higher level of performance delivery.

New for the HIFI X3 is unique aspect ratio per size. This has created the perfectly tuned size allowing the kite to sit in the same position in the wind window, provide the same slack and to deliver the exact same feel across the wind range. Slight change in the leading edge diameter and a wider wingtip shape, has increased the rigidity leading to more stability in unstable wind, better feel when unhooked and easier relaunch off the rear lines. Material upgrades round out the improvement with the use of Teijin triple ripstop for added abrasion and tear resistance.

Sizes (Meters)
Windrange (Knots)


7 8 9 11 13
28+ 21-33 18-30 14-26 10-22