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Stand up Paddle Boarding Moreton Bay Regional Council SUP MBRC

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Session 1: 7-8am Saturday 7th September 2019, Bells Beach

Session 2: 8-9am Saturday 14th September 2019, Lake Kurwongbah

Session 3: 8-9am Sunday 13th October 2019, Bells Beach

Session 4: 7-8am Sunday 27th October 2019, Bells Beach

Session 5: 8-9am Saturday 9th November 2019, Bells Beach

Session 6: 8-9am Saturday 16th November 2019, Lake Kurwongbah

Session 7: 7-8am Saturday 23rd November 2019, Lake Kurwongbah

Session 8: 8-9am Saturday 7th December 2019, Lake Kurwongbah

Session 8a: 8-9am Wednesday 11th December 2019, Lake Kurwongbah

Session 9: 7-8am Sunday 15th December 2019, Bells Beach

Session 10: 8-9am Tuesday 21st Jan 2020, Bells Beach

Session 11: 8-9am Wednesday 29th Jan 2020, Lake Kurwongbah

Session 12: 8-9am Tuesday 4th Feb 2020, Lake Kurwongbah

Session 13: 8-9am Sunday 16th Feb 2020, Bells Beach

Session 14: 8-9am Sunday 15th March 2020, Lake Kurwongbah

Session 15: 8-9am Sunday 29th March 2020, Bells Beach

Session 15a: 7-8am Sunday 5th April 2020, Bells Beach

Session 15b: 8-9am Sunday 5th April 2020, Bells Beach

Session 16: 8-9am Tuesday 7th April 2020, Lake Kurwongbah

Session 17: 8-9am Thursday 16th April 2020, Bells Beach

Session 18: 8-9am Saturday 9th May 2020, Bells Beach

Session 19: 8-9am Sunday 24th May 2020, Lake Kurwongbah

LOCATION 1: Bells Beach, Hornibrook Esplanade, Clontarf QLD 4019

LOCATION 2: Lake Kurwongbah, Mick Hanfling Park, Torrens Road, Kurwongbah

COST: $10 per participant 

CRITERIA: From aged 10 upwards (unless for Youth's programs then it is 10-17 years old), resident in the Moreton Bay Council Region (ID with address will need to be shown on the day), able to swim unaided, under 100kg, and of reasonable health with no medical conditions. Children under 18 must be accompanied by parent. All participants must wear the supplied buoyancy aid.

PARTICIPANTS: If the participant is not the person making this booking, or there are more than one participant, please list every participant's full name and age in the notes column.

NOTES AND BOOKING CONDITIONS: Please note payment is non-refundable but fully transferable in case you or your child cannot make it, except in the case of the event being cancelled due to weather, a full refund will be issued. Please read the booking terms and conditions at our website as well as the activity description so you have a good understanding of the activity and its risks that it may carry. By booking and paying you accept the booking conditions as listed on this page. If anyone turns up on the day that does not fulfil the criteria as listed, the participant will not be allowed to part-take and no refund will be granted. If you are unsure, please contact our office for further assistance. 

Meet at the activity's location at least 10 minutes before program start time. YOnce program starts, everyone will be in water and late comers will NOT be able to join in so it is very important you arrive at least 10 minutes before program start time. 

If weather gets in the way, a text message will be sent to your mobile that morning. Please check your mobile before leaving home.