Reedin NoBrainer V2

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Probably the only strapless board you’ll ever need.

Aiming at Kiteboarders that want a directional board for every situation.

The NoBrainer excels at riding in choppy water, its outline provides amazing homogeneity in the air when jump- ing, keeping the board stuck to your feet, while the unique Rocker will allow for serious waveriding no matter the type of waves. Its unique kick rocker allows for the easiest pure flat water "ollie type" jumps you'll ever experi- ence.

Unique rocker line, with a step in the back is providing two boards in one: When riding flat water or not surfing a wave, your back foot stands a little further forward on the board so you are using the straighter rocker, when you engage in wave riding, your back foot moves all the way back to the board and you get the enormous advantage of a higher kick tail rocker for the best turns of your life.

When trying to jump on pure flat water, the step tail gives you extra room to lift the front of your board in order to get it easily lifter by the wind making “ollie” jumps easier than on any other board.

The higher rocker in the nose allows for tight turns on small waves while also saving you from pearling on verti- cal turns in steep and hollower waves. The rocker also allows for easier tricks landing fins forward as they will stay out of the water to let you focus on your trick rather than keeping the fins off the water.

The double channel close to the rail give you extra drive and grip whether you’re simply going straight or land- ing a trick.

The outline has been fine tuned for maximum stability when riding with a relatively straight section from the middle to your back foot so the board is stable and does not bounce around, the rails have been designed and tested to work in choppy waters as no one ever kites butter smooth water!

The recess along the rail provides extra stiffness to the board while providing additional grip for your grabs. The NoBrainer is undoubtedly the most advanced and purposely designed for Kiteboarding board ever.

-Made by actual kiters and surfers in Portugal, our construction really sets the Reedin boards apart from any- thing else on the market.

-The XPS core is a high density EPS core that will prevent dents and with the added U stringer makes the board virtually unbreakable.

-The skin of the board is made with our infused Soric sandwich construction: The infusion ensures that we use the exact ratio fiber/resin for the best durability and minimum weight while the Soric adds and extra layer of reinforcement for unparallel impacts resistance.

-The Carbon stringer on the bottom provides superior reflex for when getting out of a turn or simply riding straight.

-The result is a board that has the light weight and perfect flex pattern of a high performance Surfboard with

the strength that dedicated Kite-surfing demands.