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The RESTUBE is used for almost any water sport, from surfing to swimming. The small and lightweight pocket is worn like a belt around the hips or can be mounted on a harness. In case of a critical situation in the water you pull the trigger and the buoy inflates. You can hold onto it and gain time to avoid panic or drowning. RESTUBE is reusable by installing a new CO2-cartridge.


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Restube comparison table

RESTUBE basic RESTUBE classic RESTUBE swim RESTUBE sports Restube automatic Restube lifeguard pfd by RESTUBE
Restube basic comparison Restube classic comparison Restube swim comparison Restube sports comparison Restube automatic comparison Restube lifeguard comparison pfd by RESTUBE comparison
Target Group Kayak icon Fishing icon Sailing icon

for activities around water

Swim leisure icon Snorkeling IconSUP icon

for activities in water

Active swimmer icon

for active swimmers

Kite surfing icon Surfing icon Wind surfing icon SUP icon

for rough use

Throw restube icon Lifeguard icon Restube with drone icon

professional & drones

Lifeguard icon

for professional rescue

SUP icon Kayak icon Sailing icon

for CE certification required activities


Size & weight 14x6x5 cm / 240g 14x6x5 cm / 260g 12x6x4 cm / 210g 14x7x5 cm / 270g 14x6x5 cm / 240g 12x10x7 cm / 490g 12x10x7 cm / 490g
Robust Buoy Material
Robust buoy material

Light Buoy Material
Light buoy material

Robust Rescue Buoy Material
Robust rescue buoy

PFD Buoy Material

Restube function

Horizontal mounting

Horizontal & vertical mounting

Harness & equipment mounting

Active Belt Upgradable

Key Pocket

Splint closing system

Water activated
For drones
Person drag system
Belt Quick Release
DIN EN ISO 12402-5
DIN EN ISO 12402-6

For more freedom in water

always with you

pull the trigger

now you have time

stay mobile & fast

get  visible

Restube for a friend