SeaTalkie Waterproof Walkie Talkies

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Effective waterproof (IPX8) walkie-talkies for water sports or extreme sports.

Great for teaching, or keeping in touch. Requires NO COVERINGS or outer waterproof boxes. Compatible to other UHF radio units.


Specification Range 100-300 meters for at sea-level (further at line of sight). Upto 5 km for hilltop to valley, varies at different environment. You can also enhance the range by instructors using larger power walkies while the teammates uses SeaTalkies.  ​ Radio channel UHF- 400~480 MHz, 38-CTCSS With fixed channels as shown below: "409 MHz"for HK, China, Macau "KDR-444"for Sweden and Norway "PMR-446"for Europe, England, France, Spain, Italy and more conutries ... ... "American FRS"for USA, Canada and Mexico "467 MHz"for Taiwan "476 MHz"for Australia and New Zealand" "477 MHz"for Malaysia ​ Special Function VOX (voice active) Channel protection : limited time for PTT Support android handsfree, the "VOL-" button is PTT (push-to-talk) ​ Power of Transmission 0.5W for transmission ​ Battery 1500 mAh Rechargeable lithium battery with protect circuit module ​ Operating Time PTT time : about 90 mins (transmit) Incoming calls : about 180 mins (speaker enabled) Standby : about 30 hours ​ Weight 70g ,net weight of SeaTalkie ​ Size 101 mm x 44 mm x 21 mm , with fixed antenna ​ Waterproof IPX8 graded waterproof. 3-meter for 3 hours, 5-meter for 30 mins.

Self-developed technology. Require no coverings or outer boxes

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.