Slingshot RPM Kite 2019

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Seven years ago Youri Zoon and Tony Logosz set out to create a kite capable of excelling in all spectrums of kiteboarding, from winning world titles to appealing to everyday riders. They succeeded in that mission with the RPM: Zoon won back-to-back titles and the RPM quickly established itself as the best all-around freestyle kite in the world.

Today the RPM is trusted by team riders Youri Zoon, Carlos Mario, Sam Light and Alex Fox- four of the best kiteboarders in the world- and it is the go-to kite for a kaleidoscope of riders across the globe, from newcomers and weekend warriors to freestyle fanatics and future professionals.

Whatever your style, the RPM will enhance your entire kiteboarding experience.

Package includes:
Kite and bridles, kite backpack, bladder repair kit and quick-start guide.