Rescue Services & Membership

Surf Connect Rescue Services

Surf Connect offers rescue services in the Moreton Bay region 24/7. Rates are charged at $323 per hour (plus fuel surcharge) for non-members, and 50% discount for members. This is the same rate at VMR (Volunteer Marine Rescue) Services (see below), chargeable from operation log on time to rescue completion log out time at base. If you get into trouble and require assistance, simply call 07-3137 0500. Store our number in your contact list or simply google 'Surf Connect'.

To demonstrate the savings of being a member, an average assistance tow takes 2.5 hours in total including the time to activate, locate the vessel, tow back to a safe location, refuel and return our boat to its berth. Our operational charge is $323 an hour, which means this would cost you $807 for a simple breakdown i.e. for running out of fuel, or wind dropped off or equipment failure and you require a pick up.

VMR rates cane be viewed at:,of%204%20hours%20is%20exceeded).

Join and be covered with Surf Connect Rescue Services Membership today by clicking here. It is only $150 a year and you will have a peace of mind knowing someone will come to your assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.